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Fillite stn’d (20kg) Bag


SKU: 5520
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Fillite is a lightweight, free flowing, spherical, glass hard, inert, hollow sili-cate sphere.

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Product Description


Fillite is a glass hard, inert, hollow silicate sphere. Fillite is primarily used to reduce the weight of plastics, rubbers, resins, cement, etc., but also imparts further benefits in many situations. Many of the advantages from the use of Fillite, including increased filler loading and improved rheology, are directly attributed to the spherical nature of the material.


  • Lightweight
  • Free-flowing
  • Gray in Colour
  • Spherical
  • Inert

Typical Applications

Refractories, PVC flooring, oilwell cements, brake linings, Phenolics, Epoxies, Cast Polyesters, synthetic marbles, syntactic foams, BMC, SMC and FRP. Low density cements, shotcrete and gypsum board joint compounds. Automotive sound-dampening sheets.


Reduced weight, increased filler loadings, better flow characteristics, less shrinkage and warping. Improved physical properties in moldings, castings and laminates, reduced water absorption, improved flame retardance, improved chemical resistance.

Chemical Properties

Shell Al2O3 27%-33%
SiO2 55%-65%
Fe2O3 6% maximum
Gas Carbon Dioxide 70%
Nitrogen 30%

Physical Properties

Average Particle Density 0.6-0.85 g/cc (44lbs/ft3)
Average Bulk Density 0.35-0.45 g/cc (25lbs/ft3)
Packing Factor 60%-65%
Hardness Mohs Scale 5
Average Wall Thickness 5%-10% Sphere Diameter
Melting Temperature 1200?-1350?C (2190?-2460?F)
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 Wm-1K-1
Loss on Ignition 2% maximum
Surface Moisture 0.3% maximum
Crush Strength 105-210 kg/cm2 (1500 – 3000 psi)


Particle Size Range (microns) 5-500
Particle Size Distribution
% Passing 500 microns 100
% Passing 300 microns 85-100
% Passing 180 microns
% Passing 150 microns 30-80
% Passing 106 microns 25-55
% Passing 50 microns 2-10
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