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Bufa VE Tooling Gelcoat Grey H-520-2113 (22.9kg)


SKU: 2160
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Product description

BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H is an unpigmented gelcoat in a brushing
consistency. It is pre-accelerated and based on epoxy-bisphenol A-vinyl
ester-urethane resin dissolved in styrene.


BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H was especially developed for the
production of GRP moulds. The product is particularly suitable for moulds
that are subjected to high chemical and thermal loads.

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Product Description

Specifications /technical data

Property Test method Value Unit

Density at 20°C DIN 53 217/2 1,1 g/ml

Viscosity at 20°C

Brookfield RV/DV-II

Spl 4. 2 rpm .

ISO 2555 50000-56000 mPas

Styrene content 39-42 %

Flash point DIN 51 758 +32 °C

Curing Reactivity:

BUFA method in accordance with DIN 16 945

(100 g resin + 2% by weight Butanox M-50)

20 – 30 °C 12 – 16 min

20 °C – Tmax 25 – 30 min

Tmax 175 – 195 °C

Gel time at 20°C in a 100 g cup

with 2.0 g Butanox M-50: 12 – 16 min


The information given above refers exclusively to the use of the catalyst

named and the quantity specified. The use of different products or

differing quantities may yield different results.


Along with the unpigmented formulation described here, the following

tinted versions are available.

Product No. 520-2107 BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H black

Product No. 520-2109 BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H light green

Product No. 520-2111 BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H orange

Product No. 520-2113 BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H grey

Since the ability to pigment this class of resin is limited, it is essential that

only the pigmentations we offer are used. You should never tint with

untested pigments on your own.

Directions for use

BUFA-VE-Tooling-Gelcoat-H comes pre-accelerated and ready to use.

The gelcoat can be cured with standard MEK peroxides without having to

worry about the formation of foam typical for normal vinyl ester resins.

The first layer of gelcoat is applied by brush or roller in a layer 400-500

μm thick. After the layer has cured, a second layer 300-400 μm thick is

applied to even thinner areas and ensure uniform thickness.

Notes on release agents

Before the release agent is applied, make sure that the surface finish of

the model is completely cured. For release, we recommend the

application of 6-7 layers of BF 700 Carnauba Wax. Each layer of wax that

is applied should dry for at least an hour before the next layer is applied.

The completely treated model should be stored best overnight before

mould-making is begun. To ensure reliable release, the release wax

should be tested on a separate sheet first.


This product must be stored cool in closed containers, protected from

sunlight. Shelf-life is at least 3 months in unopened, original containers

stored up to a temperature of 20°C. Gel and curing times may change

with increasing duration of storage.

Additional information

Weight 22.9 kg

Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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