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Neomould 1982-S-1 Tooling Resin (25kgs)


How To Order

  • Neomould 1982-W-1 Rapid cure for fast mould making Zero shrinkage for minimum fibre print and easy release
  • Low styrene content for the environment
  • Standard MEKP cure for simplicity and cost efficiency
  • Peroxide indicator – colour change mechanism
  • Non-tacky surface
  • Lower density than competitive systems means lighter moulds
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Product Description


Neomould 1982-S-1 is a low styrene emitting, highly filled pre-accelerated unsaturated polyester resin based on DCPD and low profile additives, dissolved in styrene. Neomould 1982-S-1 has low reactivity and viscosity and shows zero shrinkage upon cure.


Because of its fast curing characteristics combined with low peak exotherm in thin layers and zero-shrinkage behaviour, this resin is extremely suitable for mould making.

The resin was designed with easy processing in mind, wet out of fibres is quick without drag on roller and the colour of the resin makes it easy to spot air pockets during laminating.

The resin exhibits tack-free cure without any effect on secondary bonding and its thixotropy will ensure that it will not slip or drain from vertical surfaces.


Cured with 2% MEKP Catalyst (AKZO Nobel).

Cured 24 h at room temperature and post-cured 16 h at 60°C


Neomould 1982-S-1 can be applied by hand lay-up and spray lay-up.

The final state of cure may be optimized by post-curing at elevated temperatures (e.g. 80 °C) for several hours.


Resin Properties Mechanical properties of CSM laminate
HDT (cast resin) 80 °C Tensile strength 47 MPa
Specific gravity 1.35 g/m3 Tensile modulus 5.6 GPa
Appearance Beige liquid Elongation at break 1.8%
Geltime (20°C 2%MEKP) 30 minutes Flexural strength 62 MPa
Flexural modulus 5.0 Gpa


The resin should be conditioned at 15-25 °C, ideally 21°C. Stir well before use.


The resin should be stored indoors in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging, in a dry place at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C and the properties might change during storage. Shelf life is reduced at higher temperatures and the properties of the resin might change during storage. The shelf life of styrene containing unsaturated polyesters will be significantly reduced when exposed to light. Store in dark and in 100% light tight containers only.



Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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