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Gravicol 2040TC [60-80 min GT] Bonding Paste (25kg)


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A flexible and smooth paste with a low level of shrinkage. It can be used for bonding, fixing inserts and also as an aid to laminating. MEKP catalysed.

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Product Description

Gravicol Bonding Paste

The Gravicol range of bonding pastes are designed for the assembly and bonding of glass reinforced plastic mouldings.

All of the bonding pastes in the range are pre-accelerated and require only the addition of a standard MEKP catalyst.

The pastes can be used for bonding two parts, insert panels, core materials. They can also be used for cavity filling and as an aid to lamination to help reduce the chance of air voids. When designing the bonding pastes, there are several key areas we look at and control to suit the numerous application areas of the pastes.

The different mechanical properties in the range allow you to choose a paste specific to your bond requirements. Within the range of pastes there are grades with and without glass fibres to suit the different types of application within the construction of composite parts.

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Weight 25 kg

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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