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Scott Bader 2-85000 GP Resin x 225kg


How To Order

General Purpose Laminating Resin. 225kg (£1.99 p/kg)
Our main resin is a Pre-Accelerated, LSE laminating resin for general moulding.

IBC’s also available.

Product Description


Crystic 2-8500PA is a low styrene emission, pre-accelerated, orthophthalic polyester resin, which rapidly wets out reinforcements.  It  is a general  purpose  resin  and has been  specifically  designed  for  non-critical  and  industrial applications.  It  is  not  suitable  for  boat  construction,  chemical  resistance  or  mouldings  in  contact  with  food products.

Crystic 2-8500PA is available in several colours and  the information contained in this leaflet also applies to these pigmented versions.


Crystic  2-8500PA  should  be  allowed  to  attain  workshop  temperature  (18°C –  20°C)  before  use.  Stir well  by hand,  or  with  a  low  shear  mixer  to  avoid  aeration,  and  then  allow  to  stand  to  regain  thixotropy.  Crystic 2-8500PA requires only the addition of catalyst  to  start the  curing reaction.  The recommended  catalyst is Catalyst M  (or  Butanox  M50),  which  should  be  added  at  1% into  the  resin.  (Please consult our  Technical  Service Department  if other catalysts  are to be used).  The catalyst should be thoroughly incorporated into the resin with a low shear mechanical stirrer where possible.

Pot Life

Temperature  Pot Life

Pot life in minutes at 15ºC  42

Pot life in minutes at 20ºC  22

Pot life in minutes at 25ºC  17

The resin, mould and workshop should be at, or above, 15°C before curing is carried out.


Crystic  2-8500PA  is designed  for hand  laminating  and  would  normally  be  used  with chopped strand mat.

Higher specification reinforcements are not recommended.


The addition of filler or pigments  can  adversely  affect the hardening  of the resin.  Users should evaluate the effect of any potential additives before use.

Post Curing

Satisfactory laminates for most non-critical applications can be made with Crystic 2-8500 PA by curing  at workshop temperature (20°C).

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