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Ecolam R- 3102 Filled General Purpose Polyester Resin (225kg)


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Pre -accelerated medium viscosity thixed pre filled economic lower costing general purpose polyester resin.


Ecolam XR-3102-I is designed for fabrication of composite parts in hand layup or spray-up and/or casting applications.


  • „„Cure Profile
    Designed for good even cure with moderate exotherm.
  • Wetout/Rollout
    Designed for ease of processability.
  • Wetout/Rollout
    Designed for ease of processability.
  • XR-3102-I
    Chemically engineered to prevent filler packing.
  • Contains internal mold release.


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Product Description

Due to the curing characteristics of the Ecolam XR-3102-I, it is desirable to complete all secondary bonding as soon as possible.

Exposure of the laminate to sunlight will result in severe secondary bonding problems. After 24 hours of cure, it may become necessary to abrade the laminate to insure good secondary bonding, especially if the surface of the laminatehave been allowed to become resin rich. Low fiberglass content and resinpuddling should be avoided with this product


A. Keep full strength catalyst levels between 1.0% – 2.0% of the total resin weight.

B. Maintaining shop temperatures between 65°F/ 18°C and 90°F/32°C and humidity between 40% and 90% will help the fabricator make a high quality part.
Consistent shop conditions contribute to consistent gel times.


Additional information

Weight 225 kg

Data Sheets

thumbnail of ECOLAM 5880007 09072020
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
thumbnail of XR-3102-I_AOC-UK
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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