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Cure it Hardener Summer Grade (1kg)


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Product Description

MEKP catalyst/hardener for the addition to Cure It Roofing Resin & Topcoat.

Hardener can be supplied in different strengths to compensate for seasonal variations in temperature, we stock the complete seasonal range.

It is good practice to mix a small quantity of resin (1 or 2 kilos) to start with to laminate the corners and bandage the trims. This will give the best indication of the curing time of the resin and confirm if the correct amount of hardener has been added to the mix. Always use a hardener dispenser, it is best to aim for a curing time of between 20 to 30 minutes. Refer to the Cure It Mixing Bucket for guidance on adding hardener or refer to the hardener addition chart on page 17 of the Installation Guide.

Rules of thumb:

  • Never use less than 1% even in the summer, just mix less resin at a time.
  • Never use more than 4%, the gel time will not reduce any further beyond 4%.
  • Never underestimate the effect of temperature. Resins will not cure at or below freezing and will always cure much quicker in direct sunlight.
  • When topcoating late in the day, add more hardener to allow for the lack of sunlight.
  • In cold weather use winter hardener, in warm weather use summer hardener, in very hot conditions use slow hardener.
  • Remember: Any hardened resin left in the bucket will exotherm. Heat is generated as the resin cures, so it should be kept well away from other stored materials. Water can be poured over the resin to suppress the heat gain.
  • Always mix the hardener into the resin thoroughly before using the resin (i.e. a good couple of minutes for a 10 litre bucket.) Failure to do this can result in ‘streaking’ on the laminate, where streaks of uncured resin will remain visible and ultimately lead to a failure in the laminate.
  • Fast cures can result in an inadequate bond.
  • Topcoat as well as resin requires catalyst.

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Weight 1 kg

Installation Guide

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Cure It product leaflet

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