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High Activity Catalyst (1kg) Winter


SKU: 6008
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Curox M-403 methyl ethyl ketone peroxide

High Activity Catalyst 1kg for Polyester resins



Colourless, mobile liquid, consisting of peroxides based on methylethylketone,
essentially desensitised with phtalate plasticiser. This ketone peroxide is used
as an initiator (radical source) in the curing of unsaturated polyester resins.
Main application: Hand lay-up, spray-up, continuous laminating, centrifugal
casting, filament winding and polyester concrete.

Also available in 5kg & 25kg

High & Low activity as well as BPO type of catalyst are available upon request

Product Description


POLYESTER CURING: Curing agent for all UP resin types at ambient temperature in combination with cobalt accelerators. Standard dosage level: 1-3% as supplied, with 0.5-2% of a 1% cobalt solution.

“Pot life” (gel time of resin + peroxide + accelerator) relatively short compared to standard MEKP?s, but may be prolonged by adding Inhibitor TC-510.

CURING PERFORMANCE: Moderate evolution of heat. Relatively short mould release time. Higher reactivity in the MEKP-product range.Temperatures below 20?C prolong curing times considerably, alternatively cobalt / amine accelerators should then be used.

PROCESSING METHODS: Particularly hand lay-up, spray lay-up, centrifugal casting, filament winding, casting of resins, limited for gelcoats.

SPRAY EQUIPMENT: Use spray equipment in accordance with manufacturer?s instructions. Ensure all safety devices are operational. Do not clear gun by spraying MEKP into the air.

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Weight 1 kg

Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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