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Cab-O-Sil (10kg) Bag


SKU: 5500
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Cab-O-Sil 10kg

Product Description

The incorporation of CAB-O-SIL fumed silica in polyesters is a
function of a number of variables.
Several of the variables that can have an influence on the performance
of the dispersion are:

  • Grade of fumed silica
  • Concentration of fumed silica
  • Dispersion condition (intensity, equipment, etc.)
  • Resin chemistry and molecular weight distribution
  • Styrene concentration
  • Free glycol content
  • Nature of the other additives used in a polyester resin formulation

Among the more predictable effects are those of silica grade, silica
loading and dispersion conditions. The differences in behavior
imposed by the resin chemistry and the presence of additives are
complex, often making it impossible to draw any general conclusions.
All of these factors should be considered when setting viscosity
specifications for a particular product.

Personal Health and Safety

Colloidal, amorphous, fumed silica can cause very mild if any eye
and skin irritation. In the event of skin contact, the affected area
should be washed with water. For eye contact, immediately flush
with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek proper medical

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